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“My period is late…”

“I feel bloated and tired…”

“My breasts are feeling more tender than usual…”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? If you’ve found yourself thinking these things, you’re certainly not alone.  All of these symptoms are all common early signs of pregnancy, but are also common symptoms before a period starts.

First Vue helps you find the answers quickly and easily with a range of ovulation and pregnancy tests that are easy to use, reliable and affordable.

First Vue tests are over 99% accurate…

That’s the same as the leading brands. Our tests undergo rigorous procedures in laboratories before they are launched to make sure you get the best quality products delivering the most accurate results. At First Vue, quality matters and no product makes its way onto the shelves unless we’re absolutely confident that it works.

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First Vue is part of Healthpoint Ltd and has been supplying health and beauty products to the retail market for 20 years.





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